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emotion is a database for animations of electron microscopy maps generated from physics-based deformable models. emotion was originally developed by biomachina member Essam Metwally, Ph.D., at The Scripps Research Institute.

Animated Ribosome Mode 1

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June 29, 2007

We no longer accept new data submissions. The database is maintained on a legacy basis. Thanks for your interest.

October 8, 2002

New colorings are now available on VRML models. You may view in the standard solid blue or color the model by: Displacement (The greater the displacement of a vertex in its motion, the more reddish it will appear) or Elastic Strain (The greater the strain in a region, the more red it will appear). To view:

  • Search the database, Enter a blank query to retrieve the full holdings
  • Click on the map you would like to view
  • Click on the Mode Number you would like to view
  • On the bottom of the Flash animations are links to the VRML and the coloration

August 14, 2002

We have tested a number of VRML browsers for compatibility. The tested browsers thus far include:

Cortona by ParallelGraphics
GL View 4.4

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